Looking for a Troublemaker? I am here to help

Once upon a time in the outskirt of Dhaka. There was a 12 years boy drowning in a mighty little river. He was drowning along with 10 of his classmates. It was a festive day for them. They were traveled to outside of the town to celebrate their most beloved teacher’s birthday. It was a calm & sweet sunny afternoon. The sun was started to go to the horizon. They were on a small boat. A cool breeze of late summer was singing a soothing song. Everyone was more than happy to be there.

Then, the misfortune was struck upon them. The boat was full of crack and lots of holes everywhere. The boatman temporarily fixed the holes by muds & plastic sheets. In normal times, it was easy to floating by this boat with a small group of people. But, with all of the students & teachers, the boat couldn’t hold the weight.

When the boat was sinking, the 12 years boy was scared to death. He was a hell of horrified. Fearful for not able to see his mother again. Frighten to not able to have his favorite butter-toast from his hostel’s nearby canteen. He had dreams of many things to do in his life. He had many things to lose. He was very startled to thinking that, he can’t see another misty morning in his entire life. I don’t know, how many of you ever suddenly have stood to face this type of reality? How many of us have experienced this traumatized moment?

After years of the incident, when that 12 years old boy was looking around him, he discovered a bitter truth. A truth about him. He was maybe born on a cursed eclipse. Because, he is swallowing all the lights, happiness, joy from everywhere he will be. He is now a grown man with the by-born capability of troublemaking in all the way.

I was with him since day one of our whole life. He never let me get alone, no matter how was the situation I am into. I am walking to the unknown, living a life without ambition, laughing for no reason, crying alone at midnight and doing everything, into his shadowed presence.  Can you guess his name or identity? He is actually me. My name is Nirob, I am known by another name in my childhood; Roney.

When my education life started in this maze city, I was a scared little boy, looking for an ultimate rescue mission. But, the rescuer never knocked on the prison door. I realized after a while, that was my life & I had to live it. Then I tried to blend in times and surroundings. I was an observant witness of my time, seen destructions, turmoils, dissension and unnecessary turbulence in people’s lives. Since then, I wanted to be a trustworthy healer, a good friend; ‍sometimes an apprehensible guardian maybe.

But, I have always ended things in misery. My old capability of being stupid or cursed never leaves me alone.  In hostel life, I was acting in a place of a wise man. I was giving my thoughts about people’s problems & complications as advice, among the people who were in heartache, sorrow & distress. Many times my advice was working as a slow-healing medicine. People have never noticed me as a healer.

Ingrown age, they also never see me as a healer. I always prefer to be a behind-the-scenes person. When I was stepping the wrong moves in any circumstances, they were getting aware of my existence and always will be. But, my well-wishes for them are never caught into their eyes.  People around me don’t know, how religiously I am praying and wishing for their happiness and peaceful life. Maybe that scared 12 years old little boy always terrified about losing his beloved peoples.

One of my junior in the university described me and him as the background noise of a group. A conversation needs our chaoses. We are too important to ignore. But, we have no individual potential, no name or face. We are too easy to replace or leave behind; Some of us will fill the blank in a short time. Sometimes we will be greedy to be noticed; poking our noses onto someone’s business. By then, we have to leave with our troublemaking skills. Who knows where this circle of downfall will ends.

I have a distant but an impassioned and cordial dream to be a faithful healer. Acting as a background tone for a long time, now I know very well, people need to be in peace more than anything. No one likes a troublemaking character like me. I have a lingering belief about my fate; one day-someday, my people will understand me and my tiny whereabouts in their lives. That day, I may forget that scary memory of drowning in the stream of Turag. I may not feel startled for leaving me behind.

Moral of my spinning talks: If your life in a very calm and uneventful pace and you are feeling bore about it, please let me find you. I will make your life pathetic by my by-born troublemaking magic with terrifying dreams and experiences.

So, Are you looking for a Real Troublemaker? I am here to help.

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